Free Cyber Security Health Check

    Learn how to protect your company

    Ransomware attacks can cause a huge problem for any business. Infected data can become inaccessible and pave the way for further attacks of this nature.

    After the WannaCry Cyber attacks on the NHS, cyber security has been on all of our minds. That's why we're offering a free cyber security health check to help inform the important decisions about your IT system. It will assist your company to prioritise the actions required to keep your system secure and running smoothly. We’ll also include a quote to give you a clear picture of the costs involved.


    Our cyber security health check will examine an extensive range of important issues including:

    • Investigating your current system and network to check anti-virus and firewall performance
    • Addressing whether you have secure business continuity (backup and restore functionality)
    • Performing network penetration testing to assess potential hazardous access

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